Spread Your Arms- Hold Your Breath And Always Trust Your Cape

May. 17, 2016 by

The world is morning the lost of another great songwriter today. Guy Clark who’s songs were recorded by Johnny Cash, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs and many others was found dead in his Nashville home at age 74 yesterday. He had

Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac (cover) by Alexandra Sedlak – 1 voice, 1 guitar version

May. 15, 2016 by

This is a pretty soulful cover of Stevie Nix’s Rhianon by Alexandria Sedlak.

Brunо Mаrs’ Uptоwn Funk – Igor Presnyakov – acoustic cover

Apr. 28, 2015 by

Igor Presnyakov does an amazing job on Uptown Funk.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Big Love” Covered by Jason Kertson

Fleetwood Mac’s “Big Love” Covered by Jason Kertson

Apr. 17, 2015 by

Incredible finger picking and not a bad voice either. Jason Kertson covers Fleetwood Mac’s “Big Love”.  

Jewel – Who Will Save Your Soul

Jan. 22, 2015 by

Few people can capture an audience the way Jewel does. Astonishingly this is one of the very first song she wrote and she creates a mesmerizing performance with only her voice and guitar.

Go Igor Go

Jan. 6, 2015 by

Igor’s incredible version of Johnny B. Goode-

Start Me Up • Cover by Igor Presnyakov

Oct. 6, 2014 by

What can you say about Igor Presnyakov. “Simply the best”

Joni Mitchell – Woodstock – Then and Now

Joni Mitchell – Woodstock – Then and Now

Sep. 27, 2014 by

Joni Mitchell in the studio in 1970 Joni Mitchell in concert 2013. What a difference 43 years makes.

Muriel Anderson Picks AND Sings

Muriel Anderson Picks AND Sings

Sep. 22, 2014 by

Muriel has a really nice voice but she don’t sing very often. It was an unexpected treat to hear it on this one. I would rather have heard the words in English though.

15 year old James Smith on “Britian’s Got Talent”

Aug. 23, 2014 by

This is a little different twist on the 1 voice, 1 guitar theme. An amazing rendition of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”.