Posted by on June 23, 2017

A barefoot guitarist (Doug Wamble) with one pink toenail is somewhat distracting at first but after a few seconds seems to lend an appropriate touch to the intimate living room setting of this Morgan James video. Doug’s superb skill blends extremely well with Morgan’s ridiculously sublime and overwhelmingly soulful voice. She just sits there curled up on a sofa while pouring out tons of emotions with a voice that resonate with more soul that any white girl should ever have. Some of the more attentive listeners might notice the bark of her English Spaniel around the 2 minute mark. It comes coincidentally just after she sings the “some day you might want to run away” part. She don’t miss a beat but casually looks away and smiles to acknowledge the bark then just falls right back into being totally awesome. This video totally smacks of being filmed with about 3 iPhones, 2 mounted on tripods and 1 handheld and the 3 mixed together. Probably no director at all and probably the most outstanding spontaneous melding of musical and amateur film maker talent I’ve ever seen. We will all be hearing a lot more from Morgan James.